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Individuals Revolutionizing


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Easy, wasn't it? Filing your taxes can be this easy, and should be, but the IRS is currently beholden to corporate interests that may advertise that you can file your taxes for free, but instead make their free offerings so confusing that you end up paying 100-300 to file.  
Around $200 a year might not be significant for developers, designers, entrepreneurs. This makes it so the very people who CAN do something, do nothing because to them it is a mild inconvenience. But, mild inconveniences in housing forms, unemployment, healthcare, all add up to a system of inequitable access. 
We should not have good design and access for those who can pay and anxiety-inducing hours and predation for those who cannot. Every individual American deserves access to good design for the foundational services that support this democracy. And the Individual Revolutionary Services, it is just you, questioning when bad design is a cover up for corruption and building the world a little better. 
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