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Siobhan Barton

Siobhán is a queer portrait and wedding photographer based in Long Island, NY. She is interested in the therapeutic effects of narrative photography and the development of agency through creation. Her goal is to hold space for survivors willing to delicately explore their relationship with trauma (@shootreverie).

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Grey Pellizzi is a queer non-binary visual storyteller who's work primarily deals with identity, redemption, and evolution.  They firmly believe that those with the power to enact change have a responsibility to do so.

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Dark Night of The Soul

This digital photographic narrative explores the forced isolation of quarantine, the grief of loss, and the complicated emotions that arise from mourning one’s abuser.


The coronavirus pandemic trapped survivors tumultuous home environments without their familiar support systems.


This series meditates on the creeping despair and anger brought about by gaslighting, the unhealthy coping mechanisms that often accompany abuse, and the struggle to exorcise the demons of the past.


Through confronting trauma, one frees oneself from old prisons. It is a harrowing journey, yet the darkest night is always followed by the most beautiful, golden dawn.


Editing, conceptualization, staging, location scouting and costume design by Siobhan Barton.


Photography by Grey Pellizzi (@grey.pellizi).


Snoweria Zhang

Snoweria is a designer, artist, and mathematician. She is currently the Urban Innovation Architect at KPFui. Previously, she has worked at Sidewalk Labs and the MIT Senseable City Lab. Her work spans architecture, urbanism, computation, and technology. Snoweria has written about the intersection of data and urban issues, and her design was recently featured on the cover of Nature. She also draws a webcomic called Lonesome Whales.

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Frozen Moments

Portraits are frozen moments from a person's life. They are frozen memorials to that moment as the person continues to change and evolve. Though different in technique, these portraits capture unusual moments in the collective memory (COVID-19), mundane moments in a person's life that seem extraordinary to others (GORDIE), forgotten yet key moments in a child's life (Mother's/Father's Day), and moments that one might never have (RBG). 



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