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An exploration of art under lockdown. 

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Art Under Pressure

Lockdown has been a terrible time for many. It has wreaked vast destruction to many artists' livelihoods, and many cities’ art ecosystems. Yet, amidst the many constraints this year has placed on our lives, artists have persevered. They have rethought the subjects of their art, their processes, and their relationship to art. They have created great works that help us cope, grieve, fight for change, and laugh. 


This gallery is ultimately a celebration of the human spirit, to persevere, to adapt, to grow past trauma and turmoil. These diverse set of artists might instill questions for you: how have you coped with trauma? What constraints do you face? How can art help you look creatively at the emotional and physical restrictions you face?


Creative Constraints is free and open to all, but it is kindly requested that if you are in a financial position to do so, that you make a $25 dollar donation to CITYArts NYC or IPaintMyMind Chicago. IPaintMyMind Chicago provides art programs that support Chicago’s kids and communities through artist workshop and teacher events at Chicago schools. Meanwhile, CITYArts NYC engages youth with professional artists to create public art, such as murals and mosaics to support positive growth and strong communities. 

April 23rd from 6-8pm EST there will also be a live exhibition for the artists to talk about their work, hosted on Gather.Town. 


Welcome to the gallery!

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CITYarts engages youth with professional artists in the creation of public art, including murals and mosaic. Through this creative process, CITYarts empowers, educates, and connects youth and children locally and around the world to become active participants in realizing their potential and transforming communities.

IPAInt My Mind Chicago

We believe that art does more than beautify, it changes us. We also believe that a truly equal society provides creative inspiration and opportunities to everyone, no matter what neighborhood they’re from. We’ve learned that art is an incredible tool for discovering the potential inside us all.

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Teal Canvas

Teal Canvas is a site that features artists across a wide range of styles and prices, all available for custom art commissions. Whether for your own walls or as a gift, our mission is to make art personal while supporting incredible artists.

Talisa Almonte

Talisa is an Afro-Latina artist and illustrator from Dominican Republic. She

grew up in Miami, but currently resides in Queens, creating custom illustrations for brands. She believes that as an artist it’s important to not only create as a form of release, but to also use the gift she’s been given to create messages of positivity and stand up visually for the things she’s most passionate about. She loves to create bold, modern, feminine, and earthy art and illustrations with a sense of female empowerment. Her work uses vibrant colors and mixes prints and textures for added depth. No matter how big or small a project may be, her biggest drive is collaborating with other creatives and people to create something unique and beautiful.

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Silver Lining

Last year was a year none of us will ever forget and with all the bad that came with it, I wanted to focus on the silver linings and small wins instead. Traditionally I never drew based on my political views but I felt that as an artist I needed to create works that would inspire positivity, togetherness and change. All these works were created throughout the year based on the state of the world and my personal feelings around it. 

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