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Lily Gersch is a 14 year old artist born and raised in the suburbs of atlanta. She started her art career 3 years ago with simple art of animals and her friends. Over time she has learnt simple anatomy and dynamics all by her self with no classes. Now she works on simple commissons and personal art. 

The People In Our Heads

This is a first exhibition for the artist. 

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Rachel Jaffe

Rachel is in the process of creating the field of interaction art, and developed the theory of Structuralism and modular networks for the field of Information Architecture. 

She feels comfortable working at the intersection of art, tech, and storytelling. She is the CEO and Principal of MEDDY Design, as well as the CEO and Founder of two other companies, Spontaneous Space! which focuses on experimental storytelling and Emergent University which offers a platform for self-directed education. 

She holds two Masters from the University of Michigan in Urban Planning and Information Science, and has held previous positions at the Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program and the World Resources Institute. 

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Art Gallery


Everything around you is designed. Some design is obvious---the new model of iPhone, the latest t-shirt in your closet. But life is designed in other ways, such as the concept of education versus work, the divide between urban and rural, and the idea that art is a thing that hangs on gallery walls. Interaction art at its core is about reshaping human interactions within a controlled setting to get people to question their interactions with others in the larger world. 

This particular exhibit,"Art Gallery Unchained" is a digital model of how an art gallery can be established in the digital world to question the current control of who can and cannot exhibit work. The cost of an art gallery space, the current system of reputation, the time and energy to organize artists and attendees in the art world makes it prohibitively expensive for many to build an art ecosystem in their communities. Even in the digital world, there are barriers to art exhibition of time, money, graphic design, and technical expertise. 

This one specific exhibition helps nine different artists access attention and community around their work. However, it took over 120 hours of time and several hundreds of dollars to put together. The idea behind "Art Gallery Unchained" is the presentation of the information architecture for a modular, morphing network where artists own their individual gallery spaces. They can then connect their individual modules to the organizers' larger patterns of Exhibit Web Page and Virtual Gallery Map. This means less going back and forth for the organizer to need to get the work from the artists and add it to a web page. On the artists' side, they can send out their work to dozens of different galleries at a time. On both sides the efficiency of the interaction is increased. 

Modular networks can also be fluid and dynamic, morphing based on user need. With three artists displayed in the Exhibit Web Page, it follows a Grid pattern, that morphs to a Thread pattern when over four artists join. In the Virtual Gallery Map, the Main Gallery automatically increases in size as over three artists join. 


With a virtual template that I hope one day can be built as a modular network, it can make the act of creating an art exhibit lower work for both artists and gallery owners, as well as lower technical barriers and costs. Interaction art has widespread societal implications as it changes the economics of art exhibition, and hopefully one day, larger community organization efforts. 

Art Gallery Unchained

A modular network design

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Thank You For Joining Us!

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We hope you will take this idea of art as power to break constraints into your daily life. 
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