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My name is Jess Ray, an artist and illustrator from Seattle, Washington. Art has always been my greatest passion, and I have been creating it since I was young. I carry that sense of youthful wonder and playfulness into my art, including the illustrations I created for the children’s book Braving Bedtime, written by Allison Johnson.

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My pieces are typically rendered in watercolor and acrylic marker in an illustrative style characterized by bright, punchy colors, and dreamy atmosphere that feed into whimsical, mysterious, and often humorous themes. I often strive to create a sense of mystery or tension, allowing the viewer to imagine for themselves what events have led up to the scene or what might come after it. I make art to make connections through humor and expression of emotion that will resonate with others.

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Wil SwinK

Wil Swink was born in Williamsburg, Virginia in 1981. Swink is a self-taught artist who began producing work in 2011 while living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In a brash attempt to impress a woman (now his wife), Swink, fictitiously told future-wifey that he was an artist and wanted to use her as a muse. She later forced him to produce a portrait of her which then became the catalyst for booking his first public art show…

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Life Unraveled

Too many good ideas never get acted on. For me, art serves as a vehicle for executing those ideas. In the years since I’ve been serious about art production, I have found that I’m interested in the concept of walls as they relate to boundaries. We decorate our walls for whatever reason, and I think that helps us define who we are. Maybe for some it’s an expression of the self, but for others it’s a pursuit of the same. I feel that life is a constant unraveling of layers. My art is just that. I am just trying to figure out who I am. If my work helps others do the same then that’s an indication that I am going in the right direction. 



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