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San Diego based artist, Ray Khalife, has been painting since 1976. Originally a theatre performer, Ray started painting while making stage sets for plays. Now, he has over 1,000 art pieces hanging in homes and galleries all over the world. Ray is always up for a challenge, as evident by his diverse style that ranges from landscape to abstract. Learn more:  

Your Mind’s Eye: An exploration of the world that lies beyond your reality. 

Where does your mind travel when you need a moment all to yourself? Even just seconds in your special place and you’re back to reality with a renewed energy. Maybe even a smile. Ray answers this question through a series that brings to life the places in his mind’s eye. 


Amanda Ponce

Amanda “Leigh” Ponce is a multi-disciplinary artist from the Washington, D.C. area, specializing in media for film, television, theatre, and social justice activism through art. As a visual artist and graphic designer, she’s had the pleasure of working with numerous theatre companies and filmmakers across the country, and recently become a contributing Designer at Netflix. She is the Director of Marketing & Design at Broadway for Racial Justice (where she also serves on the Executive Board), and is a Creative Partner at HOT TOPIC, where she has multiple tee-shirt lines currently in production. You can see more of her work at  

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Amanda creates bold, vibrant, imaginative portraits and landscapes using digital illustration and mixed media. Pop culture is a running theme in much of her work, drawing inspiration from film, tv shows, and music of the moment. She also believes greatly in the power of art for activism, and has lent her perspective to multiple social justice organizations, like The Center For Cultural Power and Broadway for Racial Justice. She loves creating pieces that are vibrant, bold, and that feel unexpected.



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